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Kendall Fuhrman

CoFounder + Head of Social Marketing

American University of Paris

  • Studied abroad Freshmen Year 

University of Souther California 2018

  • International Relations Global Business Marketing and Communication Design

  • GPA 3.9

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn

A Bit About Me

Hi I'm Kendall! I'm an entrepreneur, traveler, mindset coach, motivation speaker, writer and a forever student striving to learn more and better myself each day. I am passionate about spirituality, travel, and building conscious brands and I strive to bring a mindful presence in everything I do. Fun fact: I've lived in Paris, Cape Town, and Bali and have traveled to over 35 countries! My mission in life is to help others realize their purpose and to show them that they can create their dream life like I have been able to. With consulting, I hope to help conscious brands fulfill their vision through personalized strategy for social media, marketing, branding, and more! Let's work together to make your vision a reality!

Past Work Experience

September 2017 - Dec 2017

Product Design Consultant

  • Designed and implemented a rebranding strategy

  • Helped drive app subscriptions by 80%, in-app purchases by 70%, and increased total app revenue by 94%

September 2016 - May 2017

Product Manager Intern at Tinder 

  • First Place in 2016 Tinder Hack-a-thon Competition for Best Product Pitch

  • Spear-headed movement for increased tools for women’s empowerment and safety

  • Managed the development, design, and execution of new and upcoming features

March 2019 - June 2019

Influencer Marketing Consultant for ZitSticka 

  • Developed and Executed an Influencer Marketing and Brand Partnership Strategy

  • Results of Strategy:

    • 80% conversion rate of Influencers posting on their IG

    • Grew Instagram following from 0 to 20K in 2 months organically

    • Grew engagement from 0 to 12% in 2 months organically

February 2019 - May 2019

Head of Marketing at Happy Hour App

  • Developed and executed a college marketing and user acquisition strategy

  • 10x User Base in 2 months

January 2019 - April 2019

Freelance Marketing Consultant for Octi App

  • Developed and Executed App Launch, User Acquisition and Marketing Strategy

  • Helped raise $2 million in investment

  • Increased user base by 20x in 1 month.

April 2018 - October 2018

Director of Marketing and Product for Octi. 

  • Redesigned and enhanced the user experience of the app and website.

  • Developed and managed a user growth strategy.

  • Negotiated brand and influencer partnerships. 

December 2017

Business Growth Strategist Consultant for iXperience

  • Conducted market research that led to the expansion of the third iX campus

  • Negotiated a partnership with Berlin-based Advanced Blockchain co. for iX’s upcoming cryptocurrency course

  • Ranked top salesperson for iXperience referral program

  • Referral strategies: Instagram campaigns, Facebook targeted marketing, and guerilla marketing on USC campus

  • Results: increased website traffic by 80%, recruited 10 students to attend iX, and added over $100,000 in revenue to iX’s 2018 balance sheet

April 2018 - October 2018

Over App - IOS App Development Intern 

  • Developed new editing tools for enhanced UX

  • Redesigned and developed the UI/UX of the app


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