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Ecom + FB Ad Strategy 

Good Vibes Co specializes in helping businesses both small and large launch and scale their ecommerce stores through our strategic Facebook advertising expertise. With several years experience of running Facebook campaigns for startups and Fortune 500 companies with budgets ranging from $20K to $1 million a month, we know how to help any company achieve their marketing and sales goals.



Sharp Kitchen

We helped launch Sharp Kitchen during the pandemic and still currently manage this store. We helped it go from $0 in sales to over $260,000 in less than 5 months of launch date and we are currently growing at 20% a month.


Lunar Optics

We helped this brand launch at the beginning of 2020. In 2 months, we were able to scale their brand to making over $100,000 in sales. 



Happy Petals

We helped a local family owned flower shop in our home town with a new rebrand, new website, social media strategy and with FB ads for Mother's Day during the pandemic. We helped them bring and additional $11K in sales on Mothers Day Weekend.

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