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Alex Carvalho

Cofounder + Head of Growth Marketing

15K TikTok Followers

15K Instagram Followers

1.2 Million TikTok likes

American University of Paris

  • Studied abroad Freshmen Year 

University of Souther California 2018

  • Business and Applied Analytics

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

A Bit About Me

Hey I'm Alex! I'm a Growth Marketer, Photographer, and Entrepreneur from Huntington Beach, California. I graduated from USC in 2018 and have been working as a Growth Marketer ever since. My dad bought me my first camera when I was 10, and since then I've developed a passion for capturing engaging and captivating content of countries, people, and experiences. I also love surfing and my top places to surf are South Africa, Indonesia, and Costa Rica. My mission is to build sustainable and social businesses that give back to our planet and world. I also started a Hot Sauce company with my brother last year. I mean, who doesn't love a good hot sauce?

Past Work Experience

June 2018- October 2019

Growth Marketer at Ampush

  • Developed and managed Facebook Marketing campaigns with budgets of up to $1M/month for companies ranging from subscription startups to Fortune 500 companies​​ such as Rocksbox and Farmers Insurance

  • Manged all the paid-social campaigns for Farmers Insurance - our strategies led to a 10% increase in insurance quotes each quarter

  • Implemented a new data-driven Facebook strategy for the jewelry start-up Rocksbox that reduced their cost per subscriber by 65% and increased their new subscriber volume by 3x after just one month

  • Developed a rigorous product and ad testing strategy for a large e-commerce company that led to a 35% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) during the holiday season

  • Trained new hires to become highly effective growth marketers and FB ad managers

January 2019 - May 2019

Growth Marketing Associate at CoEfficient Labs

  • Analyzed Facebook Ad Manager and past marketing data to develop growth strategies for clients with $10K+ budgets

  • Implemented data-driven creative and targeting strategies on Facebook; reduced cost per lead by 20% on average, achieved a high average click-through rate of 1.7%, and increased monthly leads for clients by 150%

January 2019 - May 2019

Product Manager at LAVALAB


  • Led a team of engineers and designers through LavaLab, USC’s premier student-run incubator, to develop Hyperbole, the first google chrome extension that uses an advanced algorithm to detect fake news

  • Pitched Hyperbole to a team of angel investors and won 1st place against seven other teams at LavaLab’s Demo Night

June 2018 - July 2018

Data Science Intern at Superbalist


  • Worked alongside the head data scientist at one of South Africa's largest online fashion retailers

  • Created an automated inventory replenishment system via predictive modeling; projected an increase in revenue of 8 to 10% for the company

  • Consolidated 400+ variables for 30K+ customers through clustering to form new customer profiles and improve promotion schemes


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